The Best Strawberry Smoothie

January 28, 2012

This is the best strawberry smoothie. It is rich, creamy, and decadent and doesn’t contain banana!

The Best Strawberry Smoothie

This is the best strawberry smoothie I have ever had. I call this strawberry smoothie “strawberries and cream” because it tastes like melted ice cream. It is just so delicious.

The combination of strawberries and cream never gets old. If I had one hour to live, I might just spend it in a vat of strawberries and cashew cream. This smoothie does every delectable mouthful of that dream justice, striking just the right balance to create the perfect spoonful of strawberries and cream.

This strawberry smoothie is rich and decadent, and all about the fun. Enjoy!


The Best Strawberry Smoothie

This raw vegan strawberry smoothie is rich, creamy, and so delicious. This is dessert in a glass.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 2 16-ounce glasses
Calories 313 kcal
Author Tess Masters


optional boosters:


  1. Throw everything into your blender (including any boosters), and blast on high for 30 to 60 seconds until smooth and creamy. 


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  1. Just made this and it was super yummy !!! Added raspberries since I didn’t have enough strawberries and still turned out great 🙂 Not as pretty as yours though 😉 <3

    1. Yes! Raspberries, Strawberries and Cream works for me!!!! YUMMMO!
      It doesn’t have to look pretty – as long as it tastes good. LOL!
      Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

  2. love all the sugar-free smoothies you’ve posted; good with veggie additions! trying to get those 8 servings + 8 glasses water less sugar; health without bulk! thanks!

  3. YUM! I don’t have any raw cashews on hand, but I do have a ton of unsalted roasted cashews. Would this be palatable using those? Obviously the smoothie wont be “raw” anymore but that’s ok with me!

    1. Roasted cashews do have a different flavour than raw cashews, but if they are unsalted, I would give it a go. You just might need a bit more sweetener and fruit. But I would give it a go! Why not right?
      LOVE your piggy name!!!

  4. Hi Tess. I got a bunch of fresh strawberries with the kids from Tanaka Organic Farms. Can I use them instead and add ice? Is that what you made for us after the risotto? I thought you added agave as well.. Xoxo

    1. Yes!
      Fresh berries are AMAZING in this smoothie.
      Just add enough ice until you get the desired consistency 🙂

      1. I made these with fresh strawberries but I don’t think I had enough. I added mores dates and cashews to to get the amazing thick shake texture you produced. I also started adding ice, because my mom’s vitamix was making it warmer and warmer and thinner. Normally I am a big fan of fresh fruit, but I think with the vitamix, strength and heat, frozen berries are better suited for this recipe. Despite the texture, it was still delicious. Thanks for teaching me about dates as a sweetener and texture add 🙂

        1. Yes! Frozen fruit is better for this smoothie.
          But you can get the same consistency with the right amount of ice. Glad you enjoyed using the pitted dates in this smoothie.

  5. You’re going to be sooo jealous; I just bought strawberry plants to put in a fabulous clay strawberry pot! Soon I’ll be making the Strawberry and Cream Smoothie with our own berries.

  6. CREAM is right!!! Delicious and oh, so healthy for my little piggy tummy! Thanks for this fabulous recipe, Tess! I would have made it with coconut milk, but I like the cashews better as it adds so much wonderful nutrition!

    1. I know! The cashews add such a delicious creamy element to this smoothie. It is hard to beat. BUT…I could embrace a little coconut strawberry love too 🙂 OINK!

  7. This drink is the best strawberry drink I’ve ever had. I’ve made it lots of times since I saw your post back in January and it’s unreal how good it tastes and how creamy it is. It’s a favorite in our house!
    All my friends and family that have tried this absolutely love it, even the non-dairy skeptical ones are surprised there is no dairy in it!

    1. Thankyou so much for taking the time to write such a lovely comment here and on facebook Cintia.
      I am so glad you are all enjoying this smoothie. I love it too.
      You would NEVER guess it was dairy free!
      Enjoy! So lovely to be connected in “strawberry and cream loving heaven!”

  8. I haven’t made it yet, but will adding a tiny splash of fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar give it a slight cream cheese-like tang? If so, how much amount would you prefer?

    1. Yes! Adding a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice does taste like cream cheese. It will taste very similar to the raspberry lemon cheesecake shake in my cookbook. I do not recommend using apple cider vinegar.

    1. Sorry Jasmine, when I copied the recipes over into the new format for the upgrade I didn’t copy over the coconut water. You can use either raw coconut water or almond milk. Enjoy.

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