Apple Lemon Ginger Spinach Juice

January 1, 2013

This apple lemon ginger spinach juice tastes like lemonade, and detoxifies the liver, cleanses the intestines, regenerate the cells, and builds the blood.

Apple Lemon Ginger Spinach Juice

This apple lemon ginger spinach juice from The Decadent Detox 3-Day Juice Cleanse tastes like crisp lemonade, and starts the cleansing process. Lemon detoxifies the liver, dissolves mucous, and alkalizes. Apple helps break down toxins in the intestinal tract, spinach and kale contain chlorophyll and minerals to cleanse, regenerate cells, build blood, and clear the respiratory tract. Ginger, along with the optional burdock root ups the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agenda.

The health benefits of spinach juice:

Highly alkalizing, spinach contains nearly twice as much iron as any other green, and helps to build blood by helping red blood cells carry oxygen. It also helps strengthen all other cells, particularly those of the respiratory system and brain.

Rich in chlorophyll and carotene, spinach can help reduce the development of abnormal cells and macular degeneration. Rounding things out, spinach also provides carotenoids, lutein, vitamins A, B complex, C, K, folic acid, iodine, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium and manganese, and many amino acids.

This popular and readily available mild leafy vegetable serves as a great introductory green for juicing. While spinach is cooling, we include it in every seasons cleanse since it’s a versatile ingredient that pairs well with all fruits and vegetables.

The health benefits of apple juice:

Tasty, able to break down toxins, lower cholesterol, and enhance digestion, this fruit is a popular, versatile, and cost-effective go-to for juices. With phytonutrients, powerful antioxidants like quercetin, vitamin A (in the peel), vitamin C, and significant potassium, apple is a prime detox food that’s available year ‘round. As an aid to cleansing, apples’ high pectin content provides a great bowel regulator, able to slow the colon down or speed it up, as the body needs.

Apple is a cooling food, and we include it in juices to balance the bitterness of leafy greens and other vegetables. The sweet tang of apple blends with almost all fruits and vegetables; our preferred variety is Granny Smith, which has a tarter flavor and lower sugar content than common reds like Fuji, Delicious, and Honeycrisp. That said, this fruit is versatile, and our recipes work with any apple you have on hand.

We recommend coring apples before juicing, as the jury is still out as to whether the bit of cyanide occurring naturally in the seeds is detrimental to health.

The health benefits of cucumber juice:

This vege-fruit truly is the ultimate cool-hydrate-cleanse food. It’s right in there regulating body temperature and easing inflammation. A relative of squashes and melons, the cuke is a natural diuretic (due to that abundant water), aiding in cell hydration, waste removal, and dissolving kidney stones.

Cucumber’s high silica content is great for the skin, and helps alleviate eczema, psoriasis, hair loss, and strengthen nails. The silica in cucumber also reduces the concentration of uric acid, which causes inflammation in the joints, muscles and tendons. A natural blood-pressure regulator, cucumber is high in vitamin A (mostly in the peel), B complex, C and folic acid, amino acids (methionine and tryptophan), potassium, sulfur, and natural chlorine.

To take advantage of the nutrients in the skins, we always use the less-bitter-skinned English/Dutch variety. Any cucumber, though, goes well in our recipes.

We add cucumber to many juice blends as a way of adding mineral-rich water that’s way more beneficial than the plain filtered stuff. Cucumber juice is chock-full of nutrients, yet barely alters flavor. Cucumbers are intensely alkalizing, and a half (or whole) cucumber worked into a batch of juice offsets the acidic effects of high-sugar fruits and aids detox. Cucumber is our go-to base for sugar-free, alkaline juice blends, too. Make sure your cucumber is organic and hasn’t been embalmed in a coating of wax.

The health benefits of ginger juice:

Used in its raw form, this brilliant health-promoting juice booster gives beautiful back-end kick to blends of all kinds. In one serving of juice, as little as a half-inch slice of washed, unpeeled root packs a powerful punch. We rely on ginger as a warming agent, to counteract the cooling effects of fruits and vegetables, and to promote healthy sweating, beneficial to the cleansing process and fantastic for battling colds and flu.

This sensational herb-and-spice is an overall anti-inflammatory agent that stimulates the lymphatic system, provides cardiovascular and respiratory support, aids digestion and tones the intestinal tract, and relieves gas, bloating, nausea and gastrointestinal distress. It helps make blood platelets less sticky, and reduces risk factors for atherosclerosis. Ginger’s powerful antioxidants and anti-tumor agents can also protect against free radicals.

There’s no need to peel ginger before juicing. Much of the nutrients are in the skin or just beneath. Scrub the root, lop off a piece, and juice away. In our experience, people either love ginger in a juice, or hate it. Starting slow’s a good way to go if you’re unsure which camp you’re in.

The health benefits of lemon juice:

This alkalizing tart tamer is a potent detoxifier and natural antibiotic that improves liver function, relieves constipation, and can help dissolve kidney and gall stones. High levels of vitamin C help boost immunity and alleviate symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as combat heart disease. Lemons provide calcium and magnesium for strong bones and teeth, along with unique compounds that have powerful antioxidant properties. The flavonoids in lemons have even been shown to halt abnormal cell division.

While lemons are cooling, this superstar can be balanced with warming foods like cayenne and fennel. We use lemons in lots of juice blends to lift the earthy and pungent quality of leafy greens and vegetables, add zip and tang, and balance the acidifying impacts of high-sugar fruits. You may want to remove the rinds of these fruits before juicing, as in substantial quantities they’re slightly toxic, or you may enjoy the zesty punch it adds—a good compromise is a bit of the peel along with the flesh.

The health benefits of juicing burdock root:

Loaded with vitamin C and other antioxidants, chromium, iron, magnesium, silicon, thiamine, and inulin, this righteous root cleanses the liver, combats inflammation, supports the kidneys, lungs, nerves, and glands, helps prevent calcification in the joints, boosts immunity, and is sensational for the skin.

The mucilaginous fiber of the root absorbs, binds, and removes toxins in the digestive tract. You can find burdock root at Asian grocers and some health food stores. The taste is fairly neutral like a parsnip. You only need to push a small 1-inch piece through the juicer to reap the rewards.

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Apple Lemon Ginger Spinach Juice

This apple lemon ginger spinach juice tastes like lemonade, and detoxifies the liver, cleanses the intestines, regenerate the cells, and builds the blood.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 1 16-ounce glass
Author Tess Masters


  • 1 green apple, cored
  • 3 handfuls baby spinach (or kale)
  • 1/2 English cucumber
  • 1/2 lemon, rind removed
  • 1 (1/2-inch) piece fresh ginger root, plus more to taste
  • Pinch of Celtic sea salt


  1. Push everything through your juicer

Recipe Notes

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Photo by Trent Lanz; styling by Alicia Buszczak


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  1. Just started my first juice fast 4 days ago. I can’t believe how much energy I have! Why didn’t I know about this before? Happy New Year!

    1. So wonderful! Glad you are feeling so good. You just have so much energy and vitality after a good cleanse don’t you? Love it 🙂

      1. Yes, glad to hear that also! I always get inspired by hearing about how people have regained their vitality with cleanses! I also love that feeling myself in my own body, which inspires us to share this event with everyone!!

    1. Yes, absolutely! Just blend all of the ingredients in your Vitamix with filtered water and strain with a filtration bag, a fine mesh strainer, or a sheer knee high stocking. You may have to tweak the quantities of ingredients slightly. But it will be great. I hope you can join us. Enjoy 🙂

    1. Carrie, please read the information in the post about straining to remove the pulp and fibre during cleansing to allow for a more gentle digestive process and more energy for detoxification and regeneration. If you are not using these recipes for cleansing/fasting purposes, it is preferable to leave the fibre and pulp in the juice. I mainly drink pulped whole juices. However, during periods of illness, or cleansing/fasting I strain. Hope this clarifies.

  2. Today is my first day on the juice fast, but I am feeling lightheaded, nauseous, and now suffering from a very bad headache. I have followed all three of the recipes for Day 1. Am I supposed to feel this way on the first day? Am I doing something wrong? Help. Any suggestions?

  3. These are very common detox symptoms on the first day of a fast. Know that if you need to, you can stop at any time by simply eating some light fruit, but these are normal experiences as toxins clear the body often with excess mucous via the sinus passages. That is usually what causes headaches and sometimes nausea. First, make sure your blood sugar is as stable as possible by sipping on additional juices if it feels right in your body. Rest if you need to. Second, drink plenty of fluids to thin mucous. Try nasal irrigation to help flush your sinuses.

  4. Third, make sure your colon is cleared properly. I highly recommend colon hydrotherapy (colonics) from a professional asap, but if not possible or available, use an enema bag with warm water and a few drops of lemon. These are avail at any major pharmacy as a douche/enema/hot water bottle combo for about $15. Do an enema a couple times a day until symptoms clear. Most of these symptoms clear within the first 48 hrs. But it depends on your level of toxicity. Stop fast gently after 48hrs if not.

    1. Please stop recommending colonics. Colonics have caused perforation of the colon which is a serious complication that no one talks about. This risk far exceeds any potential benefit you can gain from having you colon cleansed. Your colon will eventually (within a few days) get rid of whatever is in there so just drink the juice and let nature take its course.

    2. With all due respect, I disagree. When fasting, in particular, (that stops the natural action of the colon) you will have a much better experience if you assist your colon in emptying. While yes, there have been reports of complications with colonics, this is very rare, and with a qualified experienced practitioner, it is perfectly safe, I’ve been doing weekly colonics for over 20 years, and never had an issue. Thousands of people have participated in our cleanses, engaged in colonics safely, and nobody has reported any issues.
      Having said that, I’m not a qualified medical practitioner, and each person must make an informed decision about what is appropriate behaviour for him/her. These are just recommendations.

    3. Again, with all due respect, I also disagree. I have worked with thousands of people over a 20 year span with fasting and colonics and have never heard an ill-effect from one yet. We always recommend certified and trained colon therapists. I work regularly with 10 of them who collectively provide services for thousands of people over their expansive careers. I have never heard or even read of any problems associated with colonics with trained professionals. I have, however, personally heard from hundreds of people who have been helped profoundly with this service, and I particularly recommend it when fasting to maximize the benefit of the cleanse. Not only does it clear the colon and make all potential detox symptoms lessen in my experience, it also hydrates the colon which is beneficial. Perhaps somewhere in the history of colonics there has been a complication, maybe with a technician who was not trained properly or worked in a patient with some pre-existing complication, I don’t know. I have never seen or read of a documented case. They were commonly used in hospitals along with enemas in the past. I realize my experience with thousands of individuals over 20 years is anecdotal evidence, and I am not a medical professional, so if someone has current documented research proving that colonics are an unsafe practice on a widespread basis, please enlighten us. It would simply be irresponsible for anyone to promulgate speculation and hearsay with no evidence or experience to back it up. Everyone us entitled to do their own research, make their own decisions, and have their own experience.

      Yes, it is absolutely true that you CAN wait for the colon to clear naturally on it’s own when fasting after 2-4 days, but I find that it is a far less comfortable, and that fasters experience more hunger and suffer quite unnecessarily, in my opinion. My personal choice and recommendations are clear and I solidly stand by them. Every individual can make their own choice.

  5. Thank you so much for the reply Karen. That was very helpful. I’m actually feeling better today. I tried to drink more water today and ate some light fruit. I think I was definitely experiencing those Day 1 symptoms. In my research, I also read somewhere that it may be a good idea to prepare your body for a fast or cleanse by gradually reducing solid intake a few days before beginning the fast or cleanse.

    BTW, thanks so much for sharing your 3-Day Juice Cleanse. The recipes are delicious, the format and steps are so easy to follow and best of all, I greatly appreciate the shopping list!! That really helped make the preparation that much easier.

    1. Monistew – so glad to hear you are feeling better. Those were pretty common symptoms that I assumed would clear up over time and with adequate liquids and colon cleansing. I absolutely always recommend that everyone shift their foods to raw only 24-48 hours before the cleanse and reduce dairy, animal protein, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and sugar starting a week in advance of the fast until these items are eliminated 48 hrs before the fast. i will make sure everyone knows that when we begin our guided fast Jan 18-20. Congrats to you for being such a courageous soul and sticking it out. Just think of all those toxins you eliminated now!! I always say, “better out than in!”

      I’m glad the shopping list helped!

      1. Thanks for answering this so thoroughly Karen. I am sure this will be helpful for others experiencing the same detox and die off symptoms.

  6. Thanks again Karen. I have saved your posts so I will be ready the next time around. I know you are right on point with your pre-fast/cleanse advice because I was definitely eating everything you mentioned (dairy, sugar, animal protein, etc) up until the night before beginning the fast and as a result those Day 1 syptoms definitely hit me like a brick wall. I’m looking forward to joining you in the guided fast Jan. 18-20. Chat with you then!

  7. If I can’t find burdock root what can I use in it’s place. I have looked at Whole Foods and Sprouts. I’m very excited about the 3 day cleanse. Lisa

  8. I found burdock root at an international grocery store under the name of Gobo. The salesperson said it’s commonly used in sushi.

  9. I’m on day 4 of my juice detox. I have juice for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and on occasion a snack juice if I’m feeling hungry. I start each morning w/ a glass of warm water and lemon. I have been waiting for some miraculous spurt of energy, but it’s not happening. Could I be doing something wrong?

    1. Chris – know that everybody is different and your timing will be different depending on how clean your body is, how much of a change this represents for your body, etc., etc. Most people begin to have some increased moments of energy about Day 3 or 4, but may still be experiencing some ups and downs. People really tend to notice a big difference about 2-3 days after they broken the fast and they get back into their normal routine. You might realize that the afternoon slump just doesn’t hit for example, or that you feel more vibrant upon waking. Pay attention to the subtle changes in sleep patterns, your skin, breathing, mental clarity, general mood, etc and see what you notice.

      1. Thanks Karen,
        This is so true.
        Chris, cleansing and detoxing requires a huge amount of energy, and I know a lot of people who feel quite tired and depleted when cleansing. Keep really hydrated, get lots of rest and sleep. I would also highly recommend colonics to help move the toxins out of the body. Then ease back into things with liquid smoothies and soups, and then plant based salads etc. You should really feel good within a few days. Please let us know how you are feeling.

      2. Thanks a bunch Karen! I started feeling a lot better on day 6. I had my first meal that night, and woke feeling like trash the next morning. I’m back on just juice again, and feeling great already =) Oh, I am so excited about the better breathing, it really has worked. I sleep though the night now, which I haven’t done in years. It’s awesome!!

        1. Singlemamatwo~ that is so fantastic to hear! Thank you for sharing. That is a common improvement that people experience in breathing and less congestion overall. Way to go, your hard work has paid off! From what you said, it sounds like you may have broken your fast a little too abruptly, which is why you may have felt bad the next morning. Read our guidelines under the 3-Day Juice Fast on this site for more info on how to do it optimally. Know that you can come back and repeat the fast anytime!!

          1. I will definitely read up on the guidelines karenkipp, and thank you! It’s been a couple days, and I’m starting to feel a lot better. JUICING ROCKS! I just ordered some Chlorella Powder to add to my regimen =)

  10. Hi. I would like to do the 3 day cleanse, but only have a regular blender. I entered the drawing for the Vitamix earlier this year, and again today for the Omega. I so want one of my own! Until then, can I still do the cleanse with a blender?
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your support of the giveaways. They are random drawings. But my fingers are crossed for you.
      Yes, you can absolutely do the cleanse with a blender. Just blend the ingredients, tweak the flavours. Then strain with a fine mesh strainer, filtration bag or fine nylon hose. Read the 3 Day Cleanse under the news tab and follow all of the directions. Hope to have you join us on the weekend.

    1. I couldn’t source burdock when I tested these recipes and photographed them, so I just left it out. It still tasted amazing. You won’t get the cleansing benefits of the burdock root. But for just that one juice I wouldn’t worry. I hope this helps.

    1. So sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your Tennille. I have been unable to access the backend during the upgrade. It is common to feel damp or cold when juicing in the colder weather. Adding warming foods like ginger, fennel, and cinnamon to juices can really help with this.

    1. Yes. You can absolutely use a blender to juice. Just add 1 to 2 cups of water (or more as needed) and then tweak flavours to taste. You may have to tweak the ingredients slightly to get the blend you want. Then strain through a fine mesh strainer.

    1. You will get the best results with a fast or cleanse if you do colonics or enemas to clean out the colon. However, you need to participate in your wellness journey in a way that feels comfortable for you. So, if you do not want to do colonics, you shouldn’t. I hope that helps.

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